Timeless Boy’s Bedroom

Today, lets check out  a few traditional, very timeless bedrooms for the special boys in our lives.  For many of us that are military, we move every few years and need something that is neutral that will stand the test of time and look great.  The inspiration rooms I have chosen below all have neutral bedding and traditional bed frame that most of us already own.  These rooms also have neutral walls that we all know too well, but you don’t  notice the wall color with these beautiful designs.Shaun Jackson Design

via Shaun Jackson Design. With this lovely room the key pieces are the floor covering and window treatments.  The white bedding with decorative pillow shams and blanket, all easy to find and affordable.

via Remodelista.com.  This bold green stripe makes a huge statement for the price of a small can of paint.  Many of us frequent movers are tired of painting and then repainting , but this is a great alternative.   This stripe would look great painted a nice deep red or blue.   The light denim or chambray material bedspread looks very fitting in a boys bedroom, don’t you think?

neutral bedroom

via cococozy.com, designed by Bonsteel and Trout.  The Bonsteel and Trout design has an upholstered headboard in a simple design, this is a great option if you are on a budget.  With an upholstered headboard you can choose the shape and fabric to personalize your bed.  Choose a rug with coordinating fabric for a roman shade to complete the look.Boy twin

via A Well Dressed Home, Designer Emily Hewett.  This classic design will stand the test of time, again with neutral walls and bedding.  The simple navy curtains and striped roman shade, rug, accent pillows, topped off with this lovely painted piece equals gorgeous.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has inspired you to create a timeless bedroom for your little or not so little guy.   If  you decide to create one of these designs for your little man but have trouble finding an element, just send me a message on my “Contact” page and I will gladly help you find what you are looking for.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Don’t for get to subscribe for updates.



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Eclectic Bedroom

Eclectic Bedroom

Love these colors, playing around with ideas for our bedroom when we move in the fall.  Many of the pieces are too pricey for my budget but can easily be purchased at more affordable stores.  I love the look of an eclectic mix, old and new items, modern and traditional.  The red rug makes the room cozy and really adds a twist to the color palate, add a few black accents and the room is complete.

Wool rug

Egyptian cotton bedding
$84 – marksandspencer.com

Striped throw blanket

Black bedding
$64 – superette.co.nz

Orange bedding

Blue curtain

Hand made basket

Hervé Gambs fabric flower
$125 – amara.com

Serena Lily bed frame

Worlds Away tufted bench

Accent table

Spice up your patio with RED

Spice up your patio with RED

If blue is not what you are looking for to liven up your outdoor space, how about RED?  Mix the red with gray and black to add a little contrast.  These pieces mixed with your existing patio/porch furniture will liven up any summer party.

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Patio Update in Blue on a Budget

Patio Update in Blue on a Budget

Colorful  options to liven up your patio or porch.  The items are less than $125.  Along the right is affordable rug options.

Memorial Day

america flag

Remembering all the brave men and women, past and present!

Having a little fun at the San Bernardino County Fair with the kiddos and my favorite Veteran.  Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day with your family.









Perfect end to our last weekend as Californians!  Next, off to Alabama and South Carolina for the summer.   Life in the military, never a dull moment.

Living Room Face-Lift Phase Three

Last but not least  of our living room face-lift, the accessories.  There are so many options that choosing the right ones and not going overboard can be a bit daunting.  Many of you may not need a thing, but let’s take a look a some nice options to complete our living room face-lift. Artwork can tie all your pieces together.  For many of you the artwork my have been the inspiration for your color scheme.   As we all know art can range from a low-priced DIY project  to hundreds of dollars.  My go to is always Pinterest for inspiration, take a look.     via  Feedly.com       via Pinterest,  by Rosenbaum Fine Art ” Blue Mirage” Abstract Taditional Home Gallery Wall via Traditional Home, 2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse, Designer  Kate Singer.   This gallery looks amazing, you could also mix in a few family pictures with blue matting, maybe a monogram or over sized letters to personalize the gallery wall. via Etsy, by Spring Burst Photography.  This lovely photograph  grouped with multiple of ocean pictures is one of my favorites.

via www.theoldfern.com, the prints on this site are very reasonable.  Try a grouping of 4 or 6 in cute frame with blue or beige mat.

via Houzz.com,  print is from Chinoiseric Chic,  Blue Wall Art Asian Vase

Lamps and coordinating lampshades can add a nice touch.  If you have a lamp you like try sprucing it up with a new lampshade.  Lets look a few lamps and lampshades to get you headed in the right direction.  All of the lamps and shades pictured below are interchangeable.

Accent furniture like these accent tables and ottoman can add color and interest to your space.  The two garden stools are a trendy colorful option,  perfect for holding a drink or small decorative pieces.

You could add a lovely tray to your coffee table or ottoman.  These options are very affordable and functional. Place a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, a favorite book,  or a family photo on one of these pretty little trays and you are almost finished with your living room face-lift.

blue target tray

via Etsy, Touch Stone

blue white boxvia Etsy, Atlantic Vintage Lily

We did it, we have covered all the bases to completing our living room face-lift on a budget.  As I said earlier, you may only need but a few pieces to tie it all together.  All the items I have pictured have clickable links, you will find most items very affordable.  Please feel free to send me pictures of your living room if you need advice, that’s why I created this blog.  On my  “Contact” page you can upload your pictures, I will get back with you as soon as possible.  Thank-you for following my blog, don’t to forget to subscribe for updates.

Living Room Face-lift Phase Two

Now that you have decided on a color scheme and chosen your decorative pillows you are ready to add a few more touches to your living room.  Window coverings and rugs are next on the list.

Your choice of curtains will depend on how you need them to function.  Many of you may have blinds and your curtains will purely be cosmetic, but if not there are still many beautiful options to meet your needs.  The curtains that are pictured below are mostly from Target, but Pier One, and JCPenny have a great selection online that is very affordable.  The options below have clickable links, most of the window panels are in the twenty-dollar price range.

Roman shades are a perfect option if you don’t have floor space or have little ones that like to pull on things.  Take a look at these pretties.


via Houzze- Roman shade curtain combination

 via Houzze, Interior Designer Wendy Resin

Blue Window Panel TargetNavy jacquard panel Target


Faux silk, blue Target

Blue ikat Pier One Panel

Target, Farrah-lattice window panel


Blue and white curtains from Target


Now lets look at a few rugs around the two to three hundred-dollar price range.  Rugs are the most expensive purchase of the face lift.  If you already have neutral carpet you may not be looking to purchase a rug.   I like  having a rug to protect my floor from the kiddos juice spills and marker stains.  If  you like to change things up fairly often I would definitely go with a neutral rug.


Now we’ve looked at options for throw pillows, window treatments, and rugs.  How are feeling  about the options, we are almost there?  Please leave your comments or any questions you may have.  I’m here to help you make your living room beautiful!     Thank-you again for reading today’s post and don’t forget to subscribe to get my blog  updates.   Next up, accessories!


Affordable Living Room Facelift

Summer is quickly approaching and your living room has grown tired and boring.  You want  to fresh look without breaking the bank, the options are endless.  I want to walk you through the process step by step.  You only need a few pieces  to blend with your existing furniture.

The first step is to choose your color scheme.  Shop your favorite home decor stores and look for inspiration.  Your inspiration piece could be a favorite item that you already own, a scarf, your grandmother’s afghan.  Don’t stress if you have a plaid couch, with mom’s leftover floral love seat.  This is easier than you think and it can be done in phases to lessen the burn in the pocket-book.

My favorite decorative element is throw pillows.  They are cheap, easy, you can buy one and return it if you choose, or come home with a trunk full.  When you find a throw pillow you like look for another coordinating  pillow.  I like a solid, a stripe, and floral or cute pattern in various sizes.  I’ve started a picture gallery with shades of  blue for my living room.

These rooms are for a little  inspiration.  Take a look at how the pillows vary in pattern and size, very pretty.



via House and Home

via Lonny Magazine, November 2013 issue, Designer Kishani  Perera


via Pinterest, from June/ July 2010 Elle Decor

via Traditional Home, Designer Ryan White

Check out a few of these affordable throw pillow options from Pier 1, Target, and Etsy.  I tried to keep the price around twenty dollars each (clickable links).  I like to use four pillows on my couch, start with a solid and then one of the fun prints.   Hope this gives you a few ideas.

Indigo Jute Trim Pier 1

Blue Stripe Pier 1

Blue Zebra Pier 1

Etsy blue biege pillow

Blue Velvet Etsy

TJMaxx Blue and White Pillow

Denim pillow

Target dot pillow



















Throw a nice cozy blanket over the back of the couch or across your ottoman to add a little color.

Couch covers can give your couch a fresh new look and very functional if you have children and pets. These options were found at Target and come in multiple colors.  If the slipcover doesn’t fit perfectly  it can always be altered for a more custom fit.



Next, phase two, window treatments and area rugs.  Thank-you for reading my blog, don’t forget to subscribe for my blog updates.


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