4th of July

The fourth of July is one of my favorite times of the year to celebrate our freedom.   Time with family, toes in the sand, fresh freckles just to name a few.  Being a military spouse I can say red, white, and blue are my favorite colors and decorating for the holiday can be so much fun.  When searching ideas for this post I was surprised at all the cute recipes and decor ideas.  Here are a few fun food and drink ideas for you to try for your holiday barbecue or holiday family gathering and it wouldn’t be complete without a few fun activities for the kiddos.   Hopefully a few of these ideas will inspire you.  Click on the pictures below for links.

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via www.etsy.com  @ LaurensPreciousGifts.  Love this adorable homemade cake topper.via www.marthastewart.com

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via http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/fruit-recipes/quick-easy-flavoured-water

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via www.living.msn.com/home-decor/diy-decorating/20-diy-fourth-of-july-decorations

via http://myfrugaladventures.com/2013/06/super-simple-4th-of-july-mason-jars/

Hope you enjoyed this post.  I hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th with your family and friends!

Glamorous Girls Room

What little girl wouldn’t love to sleep under canopy every night?   A canopy could be used in a shared bedroom to give each child a sense of  privacy. You may decide to use one of these ideas to create a reading nook in your daughter’s bedroom.  There are so many cute DIY options for your little princess.  Try personalizing your daughter’s room with a canopy by using her favorite colors, perfect if you’re in a rental. Most of the pictures below are simple curtain rods that are not too difficult to install, simply  hang from the ceiling.   The canopies chosen can easily be completed on a budget.   Here are a few simple ideas for your darling that she is sure to love.

via  www.shelterinteriordesign.blogspot.com

via www.younghouselove.com

via www.highstreetmarket.blogspot.com

via  www.flickr.com/photos/8230585@N06/3267877180/in/pool-dominomag. This is my favorite and the most simple to install.  A cute scarf, flag, or a light weight fabric tacked to the ceiling adds drama to any bedroom, young or not so young.

101244589.jpg.rendition.largestvia www.bhg.com

via www.littlemothdesign.blogspot.com

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This simple curtain hardware is $4.97 at Lowe’s.

This is another option for hardware from Target, $16.99 – $23.59.  Just remember when purchasing hardware to mount from the ceiling it must have a ring to hold the rod secure.

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Bathroom Facelift

Bathroom Facelift

Hello, hope everyone has had a wonderful week and is ready for an even better weekend.  This week my fabulous find was at World Market, one of my favorites.  Give your bathroom a complete makeover for less than $150.  The accessories are a clean crisp white and spice it up with this lovely shower curtain for some color.

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Affordable Sketches and Paintings of your Home

What better way to document your many homes throughout the years than with a beautiful piece of art.  If you are military like us, we’re about to move for the tenth time in our eleven year marriage, enough for a gallery.  This would also make a great anniversary gift for parents or grown children. Possibly the birth place of grandparents that have passed.  Newlyweds would adore a sketch of their first home as a couple or even a picture of their wedding venue, the options are endless.

Originally, I saw a watercolor painting on Pinterest and decided to check out a few more on Etsy and was surprised at how affordable they are.  Depending on how intricate, the prices started around forty dollars.  Now is a great time to think about getting some Christmas shopping done.  Check out a few of my favorite, all with clickable links.

via Etsy at JPressDesigns

 via Etsy.com,  at JoJackLee shop

via Etsy.com, at BusyBeePrints

 via Etsy at the mysweetroseillustrat

via Etsy, by JoJackLee, this lovely sketch is a wedding venue

Gingerpainting by Gingers Beavers,  via Facebook.  This is my sister’s lovely work, check out her page on Facebook.


via Pinterest by Good Life of Design Blog.   This is on my list of to do, these are the cutest.

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Pier 1 Friday finds under $50

Pier 1 Friday finds under $50

This Friday I chose Pier 1 for my fabulous finds.  Pier one has a wide selection of accessories to freshen up your kitchen for the summer.  These are just a few of my favorites for under fifty dollars.  A few of these items and you are ready for your next summer barbecue.

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Outdoor Activities for the Kiddos

Now that summer has arrived, we have to find activities to keep the kiddos happy and off the computers.  Here are a few cute activities I have found that are fun and budget friendly.  The pictures below have clickable links for more how to details about each project.
via childrenandstories.com   Now that your seeds have sprouted here are few planter options that are great for kids and will only take a small amount of space.

via www.apartmenttherapy.com,  This is a cute option for a herb garden, mix in a few f lowers to add some color.

via www.curiositiesbydickens.com  This one is great for flowers or herbs on a patio, porch, or any small outdoor space.

via www.flickr.com   This would make an amazing play area for the kiddos or a nice hiding spot for mom.  If you don’t have enough space for a circle you could always place it in the corner of your yard or fence. The shapes and design options are endless.

via www.beafunmum.com,  My little princess would love a garden with her very own flowers.  Let them decorate and arrange the garden to their taste.

via www.pinterset.com,  This idea is great for the young and old, a chess board would also be cute.  Let the kiddos decorate the stones.   These games could bring years of entertainment.

I found these cute little bird feeders on www.alphamom.com, an easy craft and fun for the kiddos.  Hang these outside the kid’s bedroom windows for them to enjoy.

via  www.weheartit.com,  These lanterns are an easy project for the kiddos if you plan on having an evening party.  They would look great around a pool, lining a sidewalk, or simply sitting on the table.  It would give the kids great pride knowing  they created this lovely masterpiece.

Hope this has given you a few ideas to get the kiddos outside this summer. Thank-you for reading my post.   Have a wonderful day!


Surprise Hawaii Trip


Cole surprised the family with a trip to Hawaii before heading home for the summer.  We are at Bellows AFStation on the island of O’ahu.  Enjoying the sites, with more pictures to come.  Thank-you for reading my blog, have a wonderful weekend. Jessica


Urban Outfitter’s Fabulous Finds!

Urban Outfitter's Fabulous Finds!

If you are like me, I’ve never really thought of Urban Outfitters as a source for home decor, but check out these unique, affordable pieces.  Most of the items are under fifty dollars, except the accent chair.  The wall tapestry comes in multiple colors and could be the focal point of any teens bedroom when placed behind a headboard.  Their shower curtains are definitely on my want list.  These are just a few of their cool items, check out their site.

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