Out and About Okinawa

Hello friends and family, I hope you all are well.  It’s been a while since my last post, the kids have kept me busy this summer and away from the blog.  The kids started back to school this week and I must say I’m so glad to get back to our normal routine. Today’s post is from a little camping trip we took a few weeks ago to White Beach.  I wanted to capture some of the locals and the beautiful scenes along the way.  White Beach is on the east side of the island, about a thirty minute drive from our home.   It’s a great place to snorkel with the kids, they have campers and rooms available on base, we have really enjoyed visiting here over the summer and will definitely be back.



IMG_5308Little cars and low power lines, common site when traveling the road.

IMG_5411Family tombs are found sprinkled all over the island.

IMG_4959Rice Fields

IMG_5303Okinawa’s version of a pick-up truck.

IMG_5321Little local walking to the market.

IMG_5405Sugar Cane Fields

IMG_5398A beautiful spot for the locals to fish.







IMG_5341You don’t see many grassy lawns, most commonly, it’s potted plants on small balconies and along the sidewalks.

IMG_5344Locals tending to their small pieces of property.

This little guy created the entrance to his property with cans, quite unique.

IMG_5293A local walking his bull along the road, I guess shoes are optional.  Bull fights are common in Okinawa, it’s  on our to-do list while stationed here, I’ll share pictures when we go.

IMG_5347Tiny grocery store, with parallel parking for two or three cars.  Most people walk to the markets.  Drink machines are on every corner.

IMG_5345Cigarette Machines

IMG_5458Drink machines serve hot and cold beverages.  Cole and I like to try the different types of coffee, prices are about the same as stateside, approximately one dollar.

IMG_5444Spam is a hot item in Okinawa.  You can find spam rolls and dishes made with spam in restaurants.





IMG_5451Locals enjoying the beautiful day.


IMG_5456Can’t stop without grabbing ice cream.  I had to lovingly force them to sit beside each other for this picture.





We made it to our destination!  The water is always a comfortable temperature and crystal blue.  I love seeing the Navy ships come in, makes for an amazing sunset!

Thank-you for checking out this post, I hope you enjoyed a little taste of everyday Okinawa.

Take care and have a safe Labor Day Weekend!


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