Make A Big Impact With Dark Walls

Hello friends, I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather.  Not sure if I’m ready for the heat and humidity that’s fast approaching the island. I’m curious to see how it’s going to compare to summers back home in Alabama.

My last home decor post was about white walls and bold accents, this week let’s look at bold walls and neutral accents.  This, I must admit is a bit more intimidating, but the end result can make such a beautiful, bold statement.  Black is also a timeless, elegant color, giving a room a more formal feel.  Depending on the size of the room or amount of light, an accent wall may be all you need, as seen in a few of the pictures below.  But if you have a large room with a lot of natural light, dark walls can make the room look and feel cozy.

dark 1via Dark walls can make your artwork pop or if you have interesting architectural features the contrast will highlight the details.

black 1

via Notice how the wall seems to disappear and the artwork on this gallery wall becomes the center of attention.

black 2

via  Paint color can help bring the ceiling down, fooling the eye into thinking the room is smaller and more intimate.  Painting high ceilings can warm up the space and make it feel cozy instead of cold or impersonal.

black 3

via  A dark bedroom feels cozy and relaxing.

black 15

via  Chalkboard paint is a great option for the kids room, endless entertainment.

black 4


black 5


black 6via  A beautiful little office space with plenty of natural light.

black 7 via  Don’t be afraid to experiment with color, this water closet looks amazing.  The dark walls disappear and the artwork grabs your attention.

black 8


black 9via  This painted accent wall is a perfect way to display your artwork.

dark 2via  A small little powder room, full of drama, from one simple paint color.

black 11

via  This library is the perfect cozy spot for a book and warm fire.

black14 Notice how the details in the crown molding and trim work pop against the dark paint color.


via  I couldn’t help but post this lovely bathroom, a bold choice, but totally worth it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out a few of my favorite dark rooms and seeing what an impact color can make.  Though very different from the white walls, it’s equally beautiful and even more dramatic.

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