Make A Big Impact With Dark Walls

Hello friends, I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather.  Not sure if I’m ready for the heat and humidity that’s fast approaching the island. I’m curious to see how it’s going to compare to summers back home in Alabama.

My last home decor post was about white walls and bold accents, this week let’s look at bold walls and neutral accents.  This, I must admit is a bit more intimidating, but the end result can make such a beautiful, bold statement.  Black is also a timeless, elegant color, giving a room a more formal feel.  Depending on the size of the room or amount of light, an accent wall may be all you need, as seen in a few of the pictures below.  But if you have a large room with a lot of natural light, dark walls can make the room look and feel cozy.

dark 1via Dark walls can make your artwork pop or if you have interesting architectural features the contrast will highlight the details.

black 1

via Notice how the wall seems to disappear and the artwork on this gallery wall becomes the center of attention.

black 2

via  Paint color can help bring the ceiling down, fooling the eye into thinking the room is smaller and more intimate.  Painting high ceilings can warm up the space and make it feel cozy instead of cold or impersonal.

black 3

via  A dark bedroom feels cozy and relaxing.

black 15

via  Chalkboard paint is a great option for the kids room, endless entertainment.

black 4


black 5


black 6via  A beautiful little office space with plenty of natural light.

black 7 via  Don’t be afraid to experiment with color, this water closet looks amazing.  The dark walls disappear and the artwork grabs your attention.

black 8


black 9via  This painted accent wall is a perfect way to display your artwork.

dark 2via  A small little powder room, full of drama, from one simple paint color.

black 11

via  This library is the perfect cozy spot for a book and warm fire.

black14 Notice how the details in the crown molding and trim work pop against the dark paint color.


via  I couldn’t help but post this lovely bathroom, a bold choice, but totally worth it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out a few of my favorite dark rooms and seeing what an impact color can make.  Though very different from the white walls, it’s equally beautiful and even more dramatic.

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Camp Foster’s Spring Bazaar

This weekend there’s a spring bazaar at Camp Foster, with over fifty concessionaires to enjoy.  Many of the booths are military spouses selling there pieces and there are also locals selling furniture, artwork, and antiques.  It’s a great place to shop for one of a kind gifts for family and friends.  You can find anything from fishing poles to hair bows and tutus.  Today there was a live auction with beautiful pottery and artwork to bid on.  I would have to say the hand painted antiques are definitely my favorite, the blue pieces are on my wish list before heading back to the states.


imageKokeshi Dolls


Glass balls, used as floats by the fishermen.



Framed Japanese Calligraphy Brushes


Hand Woven Rugs


Hand Painted Antiques





Tansu Step Chest




Hope you enjoyed a few of my pictures from today.  Tomorrow is the last day of the bazaar, so check it out, if you haven’t already.  Get started on your holiday shopping and show your support.  It’s all indoors, so no worries if it rains tomorrow.  The bazaar is inside the gym, which is behind the furniture store on Camp Foster.

White Walls, No Worries

Hi friends, as always I hope your week is going great.  We are all doing well, glad to have Cole back home, and the kids are staying busy with school activities.  We’ve been here five months now, hard to believe how fast time flies.

This blog post is about what challenges many of us with each move into a new home, it’s the white walls. After ten moves over the last twelve years, I’ve grown tired of painting and repainting.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in a rental, base housing, or a newly built home, many of us are afraid to take the first step.  Paint isn’t your only option, don’t worry if the commitment of wallpaper scares you, there are many options at your fingertips that are less frightening.  One of the most current trends is a clean white room and using bold accessories to add  life to the space.

Let’s start with this lovely entryway.  If you notice, the bones are the white walls, hardwood flooring, and the wooden door.  The accessories with all the bright colors and textures draw your eye in and you don’t notice the walls anymore.  The first thing I notice is the Aztec patterned rug, which is on my wish list.  The next key element is the mirrors, it’s like adding another window to the space, bringing in light and color.  The linen curtains and last but not least the beautiful fresh-cut flowers finish off the space.   These four key elements can be easily changed or removed without breaking the bank.

white 1


white 2

via  Another white room taken to another level with two colors you wouldn’t think to put together, green and gray. The rug, bedding, and curtains are the three key pieces to accomplish this look.


via One of my favorite rooms of all time, I’ve shared this beauty in a previous post.  This once white room looks so soothing and comfortable with an eclectic mix of different patterns, colors, and textures.

dining 5

via Love the simplicity of this dining room,  designed by the very talented and one of my favorites, Kishani Perera (check out her website to see more of her amazing work).  This Aztec rug is the centerpiece and makes the room.

white 6

via How about this neutral room with a purple couch,  this piece adds life to the space. When using such a bold color, you want to keep the accessories to a minimum to avoid looking cluttered.

white 7 Go bold with striped curtains!  Your curtains can make the room, these most definitely do.  Curtains are one of the first and most important key elements to a room, they add warmth and give the room a finished touch.

white 7  This room is full of bold colors in the bedding and rug, perfect for any little princess.

white 9

via  Another white room with small splashes of color, it’s easy to change this look with the seasons or if you grow tired of the original details.  You’re not breaking the bank by changing a few pillows and your curtains.

white 10

via  Bold doesn’t always have to be bright colors, try black and white with and few small splashes of color spread around the room, an equally beautiful and timeless look.

See, white walls aren’t as intimidating as you thought, just start with a favorite colorful piece and work off of that.  The white walls are a blank canvas for you to create something beautiful.  You don’t have to decorate the entire space all at once, buy a piece, see how you feel about it and step-by-step build on the key pieces.  If you get stuck or need a little nudge in the right direction just shoot me a picture of your space on my “Contact” page or on Facebook.

I also wanted to share a nice website I stumbled upon the other day,,  this site is strictly design ideas from designers and decorators, the photos are categorized by rooms. It’s easy to navigate,  but be careful, it’s a rabbit hole that you may fall into and take an hour or two to get out of.

Hope this post gave you few ideas to get started on your design dilemma!  Have a great weekend!



Asian Inspired Bedroom

Asian Inspired Bedroom

Black floor lamp

Tree wall art
$205 –

Square throw pillow

Blue throw pillow

Angel statue

Starburst mirror

Throw pillow
$27 –

King size headboard

No More Mess Mudroom

With school starting back, there’s the clutter that comes with it.  If you are like me the paperwork, backpacks, lunch boxes, and sports gear all end up on the dining room table or at the back door.  I think being organized is helps you keep a clear head, it teaches your kids to become organized, and will help the hectic mornings run a little smoother.  As I look for a picture of an organized mudroom for inspiration I see numerous custom-built cabinets and built-ins that cost hundreds to thousands to build, but for many of us that is not an option.  If you can come up with five spare feet of wall and floor space there’s still hope for getting your kiddos a little more organized and momma a little happier.

via  This mudroom looks amazing, crisp and clean. With a generous amount of shoe storage,  hooks for coats and bags, and overhead storage.

via  This one is simple and has space for baskets to hide clutter, hooks for coats or purses, and over head storage.

via  Love the look of this with touches of red, great way to tidy up your back door.

via  If you can’t afford custom built-in cabinetry, this would be my favorite storage option.  Perfect if you are in a rental or base housing.

via  Another cute option with a rustic twist.

via  If storage and clutter isn’t an issue for you this is a perfect option.  Just a simple bench to slide on your shoes and a hook to hang your bag at the door.

via  Declutter your hallway or mudroom with the Threshold 27″ hook rail. It’s ideal for organizing your hats, coats and scarves. This rail has 5 tri hooks that offer increased holding capacity.  If this doesn’t offer enough storage try using two hook rails together.  Dimensions: 3.27 ” L x 27.0 ” W , priced at $23.79.via  The Corina entry bench will bring a sense of organization to your busy entryway or mudroom. The entryway storage bench gives you several cubbies for storing shoes. It has 3 pullout baskets for stashing hats, mittens, sunglasses and more.  Like I said with the hooks above, if this bench doesn’t offer enough storage put two benches side by side.  This bench paired with the hook rails above would cost you around $200, add a decorative pillow or two and you have a custom look.  Dimensions: 20.5 ” H x 38.0 ” W x 16.25 ” D  Priced at $179.99

via  This storage shelf measures: 15.5 ” H x 42.0 ” W x 11.25 ” D, priced at $169.99.  Pair this shelf with the bench below and it would run you around $300, another affordable option.via  Durable and stylish, this entryway bench with baskets will make a handsome addition to your home’s foyer or mudroom. Dimensions: 25.0 ” H x 46.0 ” W x 17.0 ” D.  Sale price $119.98.

via  Pair this mirror with the storage bench below would look great at your front door  for extra storage and a place to put on your shoes.  Mirror measures 28L x 1W x 42H in. Priced at $149.99.

via  The Threshold Bench with Casters is a classic look for any space in your home. This classy bench with a decorative mirror will finish the look at your entrance for extra storage.   Dimensions: 18.0 ” H x 46.0 ” W x 16.0 ” D.  Priced at $149.99.

The majority of the items shown above are from Target,  look under home-furniture-entryway for many more options to help you put together your storage space.  I’ve also listed a few options from various stores listed in the previous three posts (click on home at the top of the page to scroll to previous posts), check them out.

Thank-you for reading this post,  I hope it has inspired you to get more organized and cut down on the clutter in your home.  Please subscribe and share with your friends for future posts.  Have a wonderful day.  Jessica

Coat rack options for your mudroom or entry.

Coat rack options for your mudroom or entry.

Affordable coat hooks to pair with your storage bench.

Affordable storage options for your mudroom or entry.

Affordable storage options for your mudroom or entry.

This page and the page below are additional options for affordable storage benches. Hope this helps get you started.

Affordable storage options for your mudroom or entry.

Affordable storage options for your mudroom or entry.

The storage benches above are all priced under $300 and come in variety of colors and fabrics.  Click the pictures below to get item details.

Teen Girls Room

Teen Girls Room

This color scheme is bold and the style is eclectic.  Perfect for your daughter’s first apartment or dorm.  More than likely she will be sharing space with one or more girls and there will be a mix of  many different colors and styles.  The items listed vary in price but are to give you an idea of how easy it can be to mix styles and colors.

NuLOOM pink area rug

Bed accessory

Rosato abstract wall art
$325 –

NLXL scrap wood wallpaper
$330 –

Zebra home decor

Laura Ashley green stripe wallpaper
$45 –

LSA International glass home decor
$23 –

Nailhead trim ottoman

Bathroom Facelift

Bathroom Facelift

Hello, hope everyone has had a wonderful week and is ready for an even better weekend.  This week my fabulous find was at World Market, one of my favorites.  Give your bathroom a complete makeover for less than $150.  The accessories are a clean crisp white and spice it up with this lovely shower curtain for some color.

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